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We offer top cash for unwanted Cars, Trucks, Boats and Caravans

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Cash For Car Sunshine Coast

Looking to sell an old vehicle now? Here at Cash for Cars Sunshine Coast we buy any vehicle you can think of no matter the condition. We buy it all! Struggling to sell your old, rusted, broken down car? We will buy it off you today!
Looking to sell your luxury car but don’t want to deal with buyers negotiating? Call our team today to find out how much your car is worth!

How does Cash for Cars Sunshine Coast work?

Cash for Car Sunshine Coast offers free quotes, either online or over the phone as well as free Car Removal upon sale. Once the car is picked up, we give you your cash in hand, exact to the quoted value! Our experienced & friendly staff ensure a quick and simple process for all customers. Leave the annoying paperwork up to us. All you must do is give us your car details and location. It is really that easy!

What vehicles do we buy?

We buy absolutely every type of vehicle including Mercedes, Mazda, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Suzuki, Audi, Opel, BMW, Jeep, Chevrolet, and Dodge to name the few.
As well as different Vehicle Makes including:

  •  Car
  •  Vans
  •  Truck
  •  Ute
  •   Sports Car
  •   Caravan
  •   Boat
  •   Motorcycle
  •  Hatchback
  •  SUVs
  •  Sedan
Best Used Car Price Sunshine Coast

We promise the best price on the Sunshine Coast, based on market value and condition. Don’t wait around for strangers to respond to your Ad online. It can take months to sell your car online. People ask endless questions, take your car for test drives all before deciding not to buy it. This cycle often repeats itself for a few months. Trust us. We know! We have been in the Used Car game a long time now. That’s why we offer real cash same day! Sell your vehicle today with Cash for Cars Sunshine Coast and receive instant cash, no questions or test drives necessary.

Free Car Removal Sunshine Coast

We know there’s a lot of people wanting to get rid of their car because it won’t start, or there’s some major safety hazard. That’s why we offer free removal/towing for everyone on the Sunshine Coast. Don’t stress about getting your car out of the backyard! We have the tools to get cars from anywhere. Our highly experienced drivers have seen it all. This service isn’t just available for the broken-down cars, but everyone! We want our customers to have the easiest experience ever with cash for cars Sunshine Coast.

We buy all major brands