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We offer top cash for unwanted Cars, Trucks, Boats and Caravans

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Cash for Cars Beenleigh is the easiest and quickest way to sell your vehicle today. Have your new, old, used or broken-down car out of your hands and replaced with real cash! We provide the easiest, fastest and hassle-free way to sell your vehicle. Don’t waste your time with a bargaining middleman! We stick to our quote price and tow your car for free!

How does Cash for Cars Beenleigh work?

Worried about your old, rusted vehicle sitting in the backyard? Sick of it taking up space? Let us take care of it! We offer real, instant Cash for Cars in Beenleigh and the surrounding suburbs. We take care of every step for you, including free towing! Escape the paperwork of dealership trade ins or negotiation that comes with independent sales. Our team will give you the exact cash of your quote, will tow your vehicle from anywhere in Australia and do all the paperwork for you! All you really need to do is call us today!

We Buy all Cars

Whether it’s old, non drivable, petroleum, diesel or written off we want it! We take any vehicle in any condition. That includes SUVs, trucks, caravans, boats and motorcycles. We aren’t fussed about damage either! We give quotes based on the value of the car using the current market price and the current condition. We buy dinted, scratched, non-driveable, written off and everything-in-between cars. We work closely with mechanics, wholesalers and wreckers to make sure your car is put to good use. Your car will always have a use in our hands. With over 10 years in the industry, we know how to utilise cars!

Recycling Cars and Metal

We recycle metal not only for a living but as a hobby. That means all metal is welcomed to us. Metal has an endless recycle life. Stop stressing about the car you have that doesn’t have a working gear box. You can get real cash for your junk vehicle today! Call Cash for Cars Beenleigh for a quick fix to your mechanical issues!

Inquire in Minutes

Call, email or fill out our online form with Cash for Car Australia and experience a hassle-free sale within hours of your enquiry. Not only does our team fill out all the pesky paperwork for you, we also tow your vehicle completely free of charge from any location in Australia. All you must do is call and collect your cash!

We buy all major brands