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Our company’s mission in Australia is to help all car owners to get rid of their unneeded cars.There are all sorts of different cars that we accept including Nissan, Suzuki etc. All registered and licensed cars are accepted as well.


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Replace your unwanted vehicle with Cash for Cars Sandgate. If you are working out to remove your car for cash, CASH FOR CARS AUSTRALIA cash for car services is prefect in the area. We will be glad to facilitate the selling of scrap cars for cash process.


What type of vehicles does a Car Wreckers Sandgate buy?

We, the known Car Wreckers Sandgate, buy all types and categories of cars. Vehicles undertake wear and tear and if not maintained properly, they turn into clunkers. Which makes them polluting the air so, it is better to junk cars for cash rather than keeping it

We buy

  • Old unwanted car
  • Accidentally damaged car
  • Wrecked car
  • Useless car for cash Brisbane
  • High maintenance car
  • Rusted car
  • Junk car
  • Dented exterior car
  • Scarred interior car

Regardless, the condition of the car, we are not concerned about specific make or model. We buy Japanese, American, European make of cars amongst others. So don’t wait and get instant cash by ridding off your unwanted vehicle.

So, why wait. Contact us and free the valuable space by getting rid of that unwanted vehicle.

How to sell my car Sandgate?

If you are not sure about ‘How to sell my car Sandgate’, we are here to help you. We at Cash for Cars Australia cash for car Sandgate services have a simple and easy process for instant transactions. Our three-step process will make your cash for cars Sandgate experience a hassle-free one.

Contact Us

Once you have decided to sell your car for cash, you can contact us through email or by filling the form on our website, and our representative will be available for instant assistance.

Make available the Vehicle Details

Provide us with vehicle details such as model, age, physical and mechanical condition. Don’t be concerned about the condition of your cars, as we not only buy used cars but pay you instant cash for cars Sandgate. We enter the provided data into our software which then calculates the accurate value of the car.

Seal the Deal

If you agree upon our price, we will schedule the date and time upon your convenience and our team will pick the car from your premises on that decided day.

In three simple steps, will we buy your junk / damaged/ unusable car for cash and also, pay the amount on the spot.

contact us now to sell cars for cash- 0434406192

What makes Cash For Car Australia  the best Car Buyer Sandgate

With the number of players in the market, it really is difficult to maintain our number one position. However, there are few things which have helped us being at the top in spite of severe competition. Let’s look at some of the things that makes CASH FOR CARS AUSTRALIA the best Car Buyer Sandgate.

Firstly, we believe keeping the customer at the center of your process and policy is important. In customer service industry the main part of it is how you treat your customers. Therefore we are aware of this, and have adopted a customer-centric approach in your dealing

Secondly, a time saving process is a win-win situation always. No one wants to put extra amount of time in getting the work done. Well, we understand the value of time and therefore have come up with an easy process for buying used cars for cash. This saves time for both parties involved.

Thirdly, everyone likes to feel special. And how do you achieve that is what makes you stand out from the competition. Hence to achieve this we offer free towing of your vehicle from your premises on a decided day.

And lastly, who doesn’t like free benefits? At CASH FOR CARS AUSTRALIA, we offer an obligation-free quote. And not only that all the paper work are completed free of cost.

24X7hrs Service Available

What do we do with the purchased vehicle?


You might have ever wondered what happens to the purchased vehicle. We earn from the vehicle that we buy from you in the following ways:

  • The working vehicles sold in the market as a pre-owned vehicle.
  • The working parts extracted from damaged vehicles are sold as spare parts at a very low rate compared to the competitors.
  • We sell the balance scrap items to metal recycling companies.

Thus, we earn income through disposed of a vehicle and also get rid of metal scraps.

Cash for Cars Australia cash for car services is an environmentally responsible company

With many cars running on the road, maintenance of the car is an essential element. In order to keep the health of the car the faulty part must be replaced.

With our daily dealing in cars we get many spare parts which are useless in their current state. But, with little effort and quality repairing the became as new. These parts are sold as spare parts. Due to the mass volume of parts we sell the parts at a much lower cost than our competitors.

Some working condition vehicle that we buy is no longer needed by the current owner. These vehicles are perfect for used car buying option. Hence, we make the car look presentable and sell in the market.

The rest of the junk is scrapped and sold to metal recycling companies for further use.

Want to talk to us?

You can speak to us via

  • Phone number – Pick up the phone and call us now on 0434406192
  • Email id – Write into us as at
  • Visit our website – get cash for cars online quote!