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Our company’s mission in Australia is to help all car owners to get rid of their unneeded cars.There are all sorts of different cars that we accept including Nissan, Suzuki etc. All registered and licensed cars are accepted as well.


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Are you tired of finding free car removal service providers? Look no more we provide services for junk car removal. We trade in your junk cars for money.

Cash for cars is perfect for those who want to buy old cars and the other party wants to sell old cars for money. In exchange for old junk cars, we pay the best cash for old unwanted cars.


Help For Scrap Cars in Jimboomba

We are the best car removal services in the industry and we have experts in the market. When you are getting help with our group, you will be dealing with a team of people that know the best of the automobile in the industry. We are the experts that thrive in the market with many years of expertise in the market.

Nowadays the competition is so strong, what makes our approach so unique and our best along with the best benefits that we can offer to our clients.

There is an offer for a free quote for the customer. The quotation doesn’t mean that you as the customer have to go on with the deal. You can take the free valuation quote without selling their old cars to us.

There is another advantage of working for us, which is – undertaking the responsibility for doing all the paperwork. This feature lets our customers have no pressure in completing the work. Most of the time everyone thinks that doing car removal is costly. With our company, you can sit back and relax. We offer free car removal services to our customers that is free of charge.

Why go to other companies when you can deal with our company?

So How do we Sell Car?

We are there to provide free car removal services for others. Just follow our tactics and you will find about how easy it is to sell your unwanted vehicle to us.


Contact us

Once you have reached the verdict that you want to sell your car, contact us right away. We will give you the best quote after getting an evaluation done on your company after a thorough inspection.


Set a date

Once the deal is accepted, fix a time for us to collect your car. Not only that, send us the address of your residence.

Get the cash

On the fixed date, our team will come to collect the vehicle. At the same time, you will be paid on the spot on the agreed amount. It is really stunning how fast we work for you at Cash for Cars Australia?

That’s about how simple it is for you to sell to us your unwanted vehicle.

Car Wrecker Company

If you are worried that you can’t get anyone to accept the car, don’t fret anymore. WE – Cash for cars Wrecker Jimboomba will take in all types of vehicle.

We don’t pick any brands. We take in all brands like European brands to Asian brands. We also don’t pick the model of the cash for cars. It could be a van, a Mercedez or a goods vehicle. Nevertheless, we don’t get picky over the car condition. We buy car that are damaged or not moving. Even if it’s not working anymore, we will still take in your car.

Therefore do not fret and think of ways to getting rid of the junk car sitting in the garage. We will happily accept it from you and payloads of money for it. It can be a damaged car but no matter what state it is we will still take it in. Call us right away!


What Happens When the Car Gets Recycled?


When the vehicle is sold off to us, it will be taken to our site. Our experts will then check and evaluate the vehicle to see if it can be resold to the spare part market for its parts. If the car is still recyclable, we will resell it on the market as a second-hand vehicle.

The working spare parts are added to our spare part inventory. With our large inventory, we can get our spare parts from the old junk car and sell them off again. Our rates are also affordable and reasonable in the market.

The wastage of the car will then be scrapped and recycled into metal pieces. This way we minimize the amount of wastage lying around for a healthier environment.

We know that everyone’s time is precious. We work six days a week so you can call in all the time. There are various ways that you can contact us.

TThree ways to contact us. You can reach us on phone, through the website and through email. Call us on -0434406192 to get to our customer service. Next, we can also get to fill in an online quotation on our website to get the best price. Lastly, try to email our website.

We hope that you will contact us right away. Call us today for the best quotation.

We work six days a week.Call Us any time 24×7 hrs available for Services- 0434406192