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Our company’s mission in Australia is to help all car owners to get rid of their unneeded cars.There are all sorts of different cars that we accept including Nissan, Suzuki etc. All registered and licensed cars are accepted as well.

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Cash For Cars Ipswich

Our car wrecking service makes sure that all scrap iron is pressed and thrown away. The environment becomes detrimental when the junk car emits harmful fumes into the air. The soil also gets polluted by the scrap iron left behind if the Cash For Cars Ipswich is left as trash. We as part of the automobile industry understand that we have the responsibility to keep the environment as clean as possible. Therefore, we try to get the best parts of the scrapped car to its best use.

Have you got a piece of scrap car around and thinking of sending it for scrapping? Well, our company Cash For Cars Ipswich will take that burden away from you. We pay for all unwanted junk cars that you have and pay a load of cash for cars you. The junk vehicle will not do any good for you except take up storage in the garage. So why don’t you give us some work to do and we will reward you with money? Yes, you can sell the junk car to us. Ipswich Recyclers will give you the best cash for cars Ipswich for unwanted vehicles around the suburb areas.

Our best offer of more than $10000 for Cash For Car


You Need to Sell Your Vehicles??

Still thinking of how to sell the Cash For Cars Ipswich ? You don’t need to wonder any longer. Get our company to come and pick up the vehicle for you. The following are the time and dates you might want to look upon in Ipswich.

Old car

When your car is old and turned into junk it’s time to chuck it out of the basement.

High maintenance

When the car is too costly to maintain any longer.

Increase the cost of repair

When the vehicle has been used, it tends to need repairing costs. But when the cost of repairs keep going up and add up to your unneeded bills it is time to send the car for recycling in Cash For Cars Ipswich

Damaged car due to accidents

Accidents do happen, much to everyone’s dismay. This damaged car is hard to reassemble back together, and it would be better to sell it to our company and get extra cash in return.

Likewise, if you are ever stuck with unwanted cars give us a call and we will come to collect it from you from your residence.

The process of car buying Ipswich


Our company buys old junk cars from you, and we understand that both parties need a straightforward process. Thus, with lots of research, we are now using a simplified method. As the pioneer of Cash For Cars Ipswich, we are proud to say our system is organized. Our process has a few procedures:



You can decide to call and sell your unwanted car. However, we need some details on the vehicle to get a price quote for you.


The Offer

Once you agree to the evaluation we will give you a good offer.


Free Towing Services

Once you accept the offer, there will be a team of experts going to pick up the vehicle at the same spot and you will be paid immediately.

Please be reminded that all our price quotations are free of charge and you are not committed to accepting the deal. The documentation and heavy paperwork are also done without any additional charges. So if you are looking to sell your car for Cash For Cars Ipswich for some money, you can contact us right away.

What Type of Vehicles Are Accepted?

We buy all sorts of vehicles from American to Japanese makes as well as vans and cars. The vehicle is also accepted under any condition it is – old or unmovable. Call us right away.


Sell junk unwanted vehicles for money

When we receive a car that is still usable on the road due to repairs, we make sure that the car is properly fixed and we make the cars ready to be sold off as second-hand cars. There is a huge demand for second-hand cars that allow us to make the best out of the unwanted vehicle after we buy it from its original owner and sell Cash For Cars Ipswich.

Putting the spare parts to use

Most damaged vehicles will have a few spare parts that still can be reused. After getting the best buyers to buy the spare parts from us, we will be able to sell these spare parts at a very high market price.

Recycle the scrap

The worst issue that comes with the metal is that it can’t be used or sold anymore. We will press them and turn them to scrap cars iron and sent to metal recycling firms that will make different products out of them.

So contact us right away without worrying about the detrimental effect on the environment, we are responsible for making it clean.

How to Contact Us for Cash For Cars Ipswich

There are three ways to reach us.

  • Fill up an online quotation from us.
  • Email us or chat with us on the vehicle details.
  • Call us on – 0434406192