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The company accept cars at any state

Whether it moves or not or has some missing parts, or is ina complete damaged condition e.g. due to a car accident. Even if it is just an unwanted car merely meant for the scrapyard, the company will still take in the vehicle and also you can still get some money out of junk. The vehicles accepted includes the recent models as well as the very old ones.
The documentation required for sending your car to scrapyard is pretty easy. The process is really smooth and does not require much of a hassle.

There are a lot of choices available for all types of vehicles be it cars or trucks

When you don’t feel like having that car in your garage which has been taking up a lot of space lately. You can call their office using the number that has been provided on the website and you are good to go.
The free car removal services are also free of cost and they do not mind even if you give them no tips at all for towing your car all the way to the scrapyard. For that purpose one, you only need to know the make, model, number of kilometres it has travelled, the date of manufacture and any other details which are important. This helps the assistance of the company to provide you with the best price available.
Before sending the car into the scrapeyard there is some time given to a customer where they can take out some parts of the vehicle. Then the car is sent to the scrapyard where it is further functioned according to company’s policy where they can either sell the spare parts of the car or send it for dismantling. The dismantling service providers usually focus on newer vehicles or second-hand vehicles that are only used for three years.
These vehicles sent for recycling have their fluids removed and their spare parts are taken apart. These parts are catalogued and stored in the database. Each part is also tested and then if they are working they are repackaged before selling them off to a third party. There are many automobile parts sold like engines or radiators. You can easily go and buy them for the loving car you have in use currently.

With clear details about all aspects of the company available on the website

It shows the qualities of a fair seller. Not only with the help of this company you can get rid of your unwanted car but also be satisfied with the service. The contact details and locations of the Cash for cars company are available on the website. Now sit back and relax while your unwanted car is being towed by Cash for a Car company!